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CryptoHero Review

Discover How To Be An Insant Crypto Investor Without Ever Touching Crypto Or Spending A Dime

CryptoHero Review

CryptoHero is exclusively brought to you by Shawn Josiah. This application is regarded as the future of online investing. It is because this system enables you to earn crypto commissions on autopilot. And you can do this seamlessly by using the proven available traffic sources and system.

With CryptoHero at your disposal, you can trade without even touching the cryptocurrencies.

Become an investor with CryptoHero today and start making money! This system is probably the easiest and safest way to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Today, in this review, I will give you insights into whether this application is ideal for making money or just big hype. After you learn everything about CryptoHero, you will be able to make an informed decision.

My review is entirely based on Demo access and multiple years of working experience. I hope you will get the best information about CryptoHero. Here, I will also be sharing the working procedure of CryptoHero.

Let us quickly jump into the next section of the CryptoHero review to learn more about it. Also, we will take a closer look at how it is beneficial for you and your business.

Introducing CryptoHero, please skim through the rest of my review for more details and information.

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    • Creator: Shawn Josiah
    • Product: CryptoHero
    • Launch Date: 8th September 2022
    • Launch Time: 10 am EST
    • Launch Ends: 14th September 2022, at 11.59 pm EST
    • Front-End Price: $17
    • Recommendation: Highly Recommended
    • Sales Page:
    • Bonus: High-Quality Bonuses
    • Guarantee: 30 Days money-back guaranteeNiche: Tools and Software


    The person behind this remarkable product is Shawn Josiah. He is a super software developer who has found his way in this field for a considerably longer time. In fact, he is receiving high feedback from both experts and users.


    CryptoHero by Shawn Josiah and OTO UPSELL is a completely new breakthrough crypto application. It enables you to make thousands in Bitcoin without you having to spend a dime. As you can earn crypto commissions on autopilot, you can trade without touching any cryptocurrency.

    With CryptoHero by your side, you can seamlessly become an investor today. And this brings you an incredible opportunity where you can start earning money while you are asleep. CryptoHero Pro OTO is undoubtedly the easiest and safest way to invest in cryptocurrencies.

    To invest in CryptoHero, it is not important for you to have prior experience with cryptocurrencies. The creative team of this application makes the best use of proven techniques. Therefore, you can easily grow your investment passive and automated.

    So, when you have CryptoHero at your disposal, you can become your own boss. Also, it paves your way to start earning money right away.

    • It is time-tested and has a proven methodology for your customers to bank.
    • CryptoHero comes with an easy three-step process.
    • It gives you the full potential to earn as much as $395 per sale through their deep converting funnel.
    • The all-new money-making methods of CryptoHero are completely full-proof.


    When you are using CryptoHero, you are just three clicks away from being buried in Bitcoin payments.

    Step 1

    Firstly, you must click on the buy button to secure your copy immediately.

    Step 2

    Secondly, this application enables you to create your passive income site.

    Step 3

    Finally, you need to switch on the built-in traffic and watch how floods of “crypto-targeted” traffic deliberately hit your money links.

    So, you need to purchase the CryptoHero application. After that, you need to log in to your member’s dashboard.

    Cryptohero Demo

    Next, you need to go directly to the section on Affiliate Programs. You will find tons of Crypto affiliate platforms here. Some of them include coin mama, CEX, io, pays, painful, coinbase, Toro, etc.

    CryptoHero Demo

    After that, it is imperative for you to create your affiliate account on these platforms. Further, you can integrate your affiliate account with this application. Next, you can also visit the crypto market if you desire.

    Klix Demo

    Your final step will be where you need to create a crypto website. Here in this step, you can customize your websites in various ways. Further, if you wish, you can share on numerous social networking platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.


    CryptoHero hosts some of the most incredible features and benefits, including few-click activation. Here, we have listed some of the most commendable ones:

    CryptoHero Features

    Some of the most commendable features of CryptoHero include:

    Works Everywhere Across the World

    As long as you have an active internet connection and a functioning computer, you can access CryptoHero from anywhere. So regardless of where you are presently located, you can start receiving Bitcoins. And want to know about the best part? Bitcoins come absolutely free of cost.

    Beginner-Friendly System

    When it comes to accessing CryptoHero, the number of years of experience doesn’t really matter. So, whether you are experienced or a beginner, CryptoHero can be used by all. And this application gives you everything that you require to start from scratch.

    Option for Receiving Bitcoin

    With CryptoHero at your disposal, you will be able to tap into the trillion-dollar cryptocurrency. Boom! Here’s a great opportunity for you to get a slice of the pie!

    And what’s the best thing? Well, it will not even cost you an extra dime.

    Few-Click Activation

    Accessing CryptoHero is so easy that even a ten year old can easily handle it. Activating CryptoHero will just require a few clicks, and you are done!

    Zero Involvement of Risk or Trading

    Even if you can hold on to the crypto you receive, you also have the privilege to sell it anytime. And in return, you will be receiving cash. This means there is absolutely no involvement in trading, nor are there any associated risks.

    No Expenses Required

    CryptoHero doesn’t come with any hidden fees, costs, or strings attached to it.

    Zero Expensive Purchasing Equipment

    You don’t need to have any expensive purchasing equipment to access CryptoHero. The application provides everything that you require.

    CryptoHero Benefits

    Here are some of the most compelling benefits of CryptoHero:

    • It offers you brand new bitcoin technology, that too, for free.
    • It hosts 100% DFY crypto affiliate sites.
    • A leading crypto-affiliate marketer has efficiently developed it.
    • It is the world’s first solution that provides free bitcoins.
    • It comes with a $150/day bitcoin case study.
    • It offers 1 billion traffic sources of crypto buyers for free.
    • It provides step-by-step training along with next-level profit secrets.


    Here, we have comprehensively listed all the pros and cons of CryptoHero.

    CryptoHero Pros

    Some of the pros of CryptoHero are:

    • Doesn’t require you to have knowledge about cryptocurrency.
    • Doesn’t demand any experience or a learning curve.
    • Doesn’t require any kind of content creation.
    • It doesn’t demand you to build your own website.
    • Associated with zero risks.
    • Doesn’t require your own traffic.
    • Doesn’t need you to figure out how to monetize.
    • Easy activation.
    • Doesn’t require trading.
    • Associated with zero risks.
    • The leading crypto-affiliate marketer has efficiently developed it.
    • It offers brand new bitcoin technology absolutely free.
    • It is regarded as the world’s first solution.
    • It comes with a $150/day bitcoin case study.
    • It provides 100% DFY crypto affiliate sites.
    • The application gives step-by-step training along with next-level profit secrets.
    • It hosts more than 1 billion traffic sources for crypto buyers.

    CryptoHero Cons

    Some of the cons of CryptoHero are:

    • Even though CryptoHero can create sites, it is not capable of functioning like other sites.
    • There is no such credible traffic solution.
    • As there are lots of alternatives to the CryptoHero app, it is likely to get overshadowed.


    The following types of organizations can efficiently use CryptoHero:

    • Full-time employees
    • Affiliate marketers
    • Newbies
    • Retired people
    • Video marketers
    • List builders
    • Students
    • Product creators

    CryptoHero can also be used by anyone who desires to change their life. And with access to the internet, you stand a chance to get free traffic along with incredible daily profits.


    The Front End Offer of CryptoHero will cost you around $17. And to avail of the app at this price, you need to purchase it during the launch period.

    Here are a few of the CryptoHero upsell link bonuses:

    CryptoHero OTO #1: Unlimited $47

    If you are willing to take your business to the next level, you will need a funnel that seamlessly converts. And with unlimited plans, you have the privilege to create as many funnels as you desire. In fact, you can host them with the creators themselves.

    Crypto Hero OTO #2: DFY $197

    You can now create a funnel easily with one of the top affiliate programs. The funnel is automatically populated with your affiliate product. So you will not have to worry about adding and doing it all by yourself. Additionally, the email swipes are already written and ready to go. You only need to insert it within your autoresponder, and you’re good to go.

    Get started with affiliate marketing and commence earning commissions right away. And with the DFY email swipes at your disposal, all the hard work is already done!

    CryptoHero OTO #3: High-Ticket Maximizer $97

    If you’re willing to make serious money with CryptoHero, then the Income Multiplier Edition is a must. This powerful edition enables you to make 10x more money without having to do any extra work.

    CryptoHero OTO #4: Traffic Booster $67

    This gold traffic system can generate $28,900 just within 24 hours. Besides, it can seamlessly drive unlimited traffic directly to your CryptoHero pages. Thus, you will be able to skyrocket your daily sales without having to spend any single dime on advertisements.

    On the other hand, this upgrade allows you to ride on all the available traffic sources. Also, it gives you valuable insights so that you can acquire a considerable amount of traffic from the internet.

    CryptoHero OTO #5: Reseller License $167

    This upsell enables you to leverage the 7 figure team of highly skilled copywriters, designers, and developers. Also, it can efficiently handle customer support for you.

    CryptoHero OTO #6: Recurring Passive Income $167/$97/$67

    This upgrade of CryptoHero significantly equips members who are highly skilled. It is only to generate hands-free, passive income through numerous streams of income masterclass.

    CryptoHero OTO #7: Multiple Streams of Income Masterclass $47

    Last but not least, this upgrade is similar to the recurring passive income. It efficiently equips members with multiple streams of income. And it is done specifically through the seven specially selected multiple streams of income masterclass.


    When you buy Cryptohero from any link on this page, you’ll also get access to these amazing bonuses instantly after your purchase.

    Bonus 5


    Get CryptoHero via any button on this page

    1. For Warriorplus, you will find a button called “Access Affiliate Bonus”
    2. For JVZoo, you will find a button to access bonuses besides the product access button


    I’m very grateful that you spent your precious time going through and reading my entire CryptoHero review. I hope all the information I’ve provided was helpful. And I also hope that it has deliberately eased all kinds of hesitation regarding purchasing this incredible product.

    Nevertheless, the final decision is up to you. Till then, have a happy and happening time investing. Cheers!