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Klix Review

New App Creates 3 steps “Stealth Funnels” That Sells High Ticket Products Like Hotcakes…


If you are looking to scale your business, optimize conversions, or increase traffic, this Klix review is for you. Here, you will access high-quality bonus links that will give you value for your money and time.

Klix is worth considering if you want to thrive in the field of internet marketing. This platform can help you create stealth, high-ticket funnels in no time. According to the creator, it can effectively help you build your business with two clicks and makeup to $3,000 daily. But is this app worth it and the solution to make money with digital products?

In this article, we will look at a detailed review of Klix, including its features, benefits, and pricing. 

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    • Creator: Jono Armstrong
    • Product: Klix
    • Launch Date: Sunday, Sept 18th at 9:00 AM EST
    • Launch Time: 9:00 EDT
    • Launch Ends: Friday, Sept 23rd at 11:59 PM EST
    • Front-End Price: $13
    • Recommendation: Highly Recommended
    • Sales Page
    • Bonus: High-Quality Bonuses
    • Guarantee: 365 Days Money Back Guarantee
    • Niche: Affiliate Marketing


    Before we get further with our Klix review, let’s first look at the creator. The Klix app was created by Jono Armstrong, who is also the creator of other products including Lazy Traffic Sniper, Latitude, TweetX, and more.

    Armstrong is a renowned internet marketer who is also the founder of Ministry of Freedom, a detailed training course that teaches about affiliate marketing.

    He worked as an affiliate marketer for Amazon before discovering paid traffic to market digital products and increase his income. The app is also a creation of Andrew Naser and the two make thousands of dollars every day selling high-ticket items.


    Klix is considered the first cloud-based software in the world that enables you to create high-ticket funnels, bonus pages, and landing pages. With this app, you can launch your high-ticket business in a matter of seconds and get up to $500 to $1000 per sale.

    This app is designed with technology that creates stealth funnels that make the visitors buy your high-ticket products without you doing any hard work. You don’t have to lift a finger to increase your sales.

    You can choose from any of the six high-ticket affiliate programs including Super Affiliate System, The Native Ads Masterclass, Print & Profit Machines, Easiest System Ever, and Spellbound Storytelling. 

    Klix demo

    However, if you want to access more features, then you may want to upgrade to 8 other high-ticket affiliate programs. This app also comes with low-ticket affiliate programs.

    To create your campaign, you need to set your affiliate link to your funnel. Afterward, use the app to create your email marketing funnels.

    To generate more traffic, you can share the funnels through platforms like Twitter, Folked, and Instapaper, all of which are built into the app. You can also grow your traffic using social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

    Besides creating funnels, you can also create e-books with Klix. You can easily create an e-book that you will add to your landing page. It helps to create a bonus page, a thank you page or another page in your app providing information about your high-ticket offer.

    When clients download the e-book, they will automatically be redirected to the page that promotes your product. If a customer clicks on the affiliate link, they will automatically be redirected to the sales page. You will then get a commission if they make a purchase.


    The best part about the Klix app is that it is quite easy to use. It works in three simple steps and anyone, including novices, can use it to promote high-ticket affiliate offers.

    Here are the steps to follow:

    Step 1: Log in to the Klix App

    To get started, you first need to login into the Klix app on the dashboard.

    Klix demo

    Step 2: Select a Stealth Funnel

    Once you have logged in, you will be provided with different stealth funnel options. Choose the most suitable option that will add money to your bank account.

    Klix demo

    Step 3: Deploy

    After choosing a stealth funnel, the next step is to turn on the integrated traffic solution. This will cause traffic to enter the stealth funnel, forcing your visitors to buy your high-ticket products.

    Klix Demo


    Klix Features

    Klix is, without a doubt, one of the best ways to make money thanks to the features it includes.


    The dashboard contains all the features and programs of the app. It is easy and quite straightforward to use.

    Multiple Stealth Funnels

    There are a plethora of stealth funnels to choose from and you just need to pick one that is best suited for you. All the funnels have been tested to work and can significantly increase your sales. 


    With the Klix app, you can create meaningful campaigns to boost your sales and results. 

    Email Generator

    Get the email sequence done for you to instantly boost your results. The emails are highly converting and you can build an email list in no time. 

    DFY Bonus Page

    You can take advantage of the DFY bonus page to boost your sales effortlessly. Visitors that buy Klix using your links will enjoy great offers that will not only help them save money and time but will also optimize your sales. 

    Mobile Compatibility

    This app is highly compatible with mobile devices. With this feature, you can operate your app anywhere you are with the convenience of your phone. 


    Your business will only become a success if you can convert your traffic into high ticket sales. With the Klix app, you don’t have to generate traffic on your own. One of the upsells will allow you to access the traffic sources that guarantee to convert highly into sales. 


    When you login into the Klix app, you will get access to full training, showing you how to use the app and make the most out of it. Consequently, this can help boost your results and increase your sales.


    This app is easy to use and you don’t need previous experience to make the most out of it. With a bit of training, anyone can use it to sell high-ticket products.

    Money Back Guarantee

    If you are worried that the app will fail and you won’t make any money, you can rest easy knowing that Klix comes with a 360-day money-back guarantee. Although this product is proven and tested, you will receive 100% money back.

    You will also receive $300 if you’ve used the app without making any money. Hence, you can test this product using the bonus link in this Klix review. 

    No Upfront Cost

    You don’t need to make any upfront costs to get started with Klix. 

    Exceptional Support

    If you encounter any problem with the app, you just need to get in touch with the support team. The team will assist you with your questions and concerns at no extra cost.

    Klix Benefits

    • Stealth funnel launches within seconds
    • Includes built-in traffic system
    • No upfront costs or hidden fees
    • $300 money-back guarantee if you don’t get results
    • Compatibility with mobile devices
    • Includes full training
    • 365 days money-back guarantee
    • Does not require experience to get started


    Klix comes with numerous benefits and some drawbacks as we will see in this Klix review

    Klix Pros

    • Incorporates technology that sells without selling
    • Works for everyone
    • Quick app for launching stealth funnel
    • Zero upfront costs
    • High converting sales
    • Allows you to resell the Klix product

    Klix Cons

    • The conversion rate for high-ticket programs is low
    • Need to make 8 other upgrades to access full features


    Generally, anyone can use Klix to sell high-ticket products. No experience is needed and you just need a good internet connection to get started. It is a great choice for anyone that wants to promote high-ticket affiliates through funnels, bonus pages, and landing pages.

    This can include business owners, marketers, entrepreneurs, website owners, bloggers, product creators, and more. 


    The Klix app has on front-end and up to 5 OTOs. Here is an overview of the Klix review pricing. 

    Front End

    The Klix Front End offer goes for $13, which is only available during the launch period and ends on 23rd September 2022. Below are some of the things included in this package:

    Klix App

    This app is the only one in the market that spits out stealth funnels. It goes for $997 per month.

    Klix DFY Offer

    For $997, you get instant access to high-ticket offers that have been pre-approved and pay a minimum of $500 per sale.

    KLix DFY Bonus Pages

    The DFY bonus pages cost $1997 and come in handy when you want to boost your results by 10 times.

    Klix DFY Emails

    With the Front End package, you get DFY emails that highly convert and sell. This goes for $997.

    Klix Mobile Edition

    If you want a more convenient solution, you will love the Klix Mobile Edition features in the Front End package. For $497, you will access the Klix app from your mobile device including iPhone, tablet, or Android. 

    Exceptional Support

    You will get adequate support from the team if you have any issues with your app.

    Full Klix Training

    This offer comes with training worth $997. This offers comprehensive details of how the app works so you can have an easy time creating your funnel. 

    Klix OTO’s

    Besides the Front End package, Klix has 5 OTOS. Each of these upsells are useful and the most suitable for your use will depend on your unique needs and situation. Although these OTOS are optional, they can offer you access to most features. However, it is worth noting that these OTOS cannot work if you have not purchased the Front End package.

    The OTO’s include:

    Klix Unlimited (OTO1)

    For $37, you get the first upsell that grants you unlimited access to monthly campaigns and additional features. This will make your campaign convert, increasing your monthly sales.

    Klix DFY (OTO2)

    Do you want to create converting campaigns? The Klix DFY is an excellent way to get your campaigns started so you can start earning. According to the Klix review, this upsell is worth $97.

    Klix Traffic (OTO3)

    To convert your products to high ticket sales, you need to increase your traffic. Klix offers untapped buyer’s traffic that will instantly convert your traffic into high ticket sales. Klix will send traffic to your link and you can easily access it with one click. This upsell goes for $99.

    Klix Reseller (OTO4)

    Creating your own product can be expensive. But did you know that you can resell the Klix app to others and you get to keep 100% profit from your funnel. With this feature, you can earn up to $354.47 for every click.

    Besides, the reseller package comes with numerous benefits and everything you need to make the resell a success. This includes a professionally designed sales page that will make your product more attractive; thus, increasing sales.

    Also, the content is written by professional content writers to ensure that your product sells easily. The team of professionals will also offer support to those that buy the product using your link. 

    Additionally, you won’t have to buy the hosting or process the payment details. The reseller package includes hosting and domain and professional support at no extra cost. 

    Klix Coaching (OTO5)

    If you want to get personalized coaching on how to use the app to your advantage, this upsell is worth considering. You will be coached by an experienced team for only $197.

    This will give you insight into the app and how to make the most out of it in order to gain an edge over your competitors. Plus, you will get a 365 double-your-money guarantee.


    When you buy Klix from any link on this page, you’ll also get access to these amazing bonuses instantly after your purchase.

    Bonus 5


    Get Klix via any button on this page

    1. For Warriorplus, you will find a button called “Access Affiliate Bonus”
    2. For JVZoo, you will find a button to access bonuses besides the product access button


    If you are in the market for a basic funnel and landing page builder, Klix may be worth considering. This app comes with useful features and upsells that are worth trying if you want to increase your high-ticket sales. 

    If you don’t get good results, you are entitled to a money-back guarantee with no hassle. Plus, you can get Klix at a great price and save a lot of time with my bonuses. Overall, we hope that this Klix review has been helpful.