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ProfitShortz Review

Brand New Cloud App Lets You Dominate TikTok & Youtube With This 1-Click Video Shorts Creator!

ProfitShortz Review

More and more website owners are realizing the benefits of video marketing as a tool to reach a wide audience. This is true for short videos, which are short and very easy to make. However, it can be quite difficult to find video markers that make short videos.

This is where ProfiShortz comes in handy. Developed with superior technology, you can increase your visibility and rankings with just several clicks. In this ProfitShortz review, I am going to give away special bonuses that will give you value for your money and save you time.

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    • Creator: Mike, Radu, and Calin
    • Product: ProfitShortz
    • Launch Date: Sept 15, 2022
    • Launch Ends: 19, 2022
    • Front-End Price: $17
    • Recommendation: Highly recommended
    • Sales Page:
    • Bonus: High-Quality Bonuses
    • Guarantee: 30-Days Money-Back Guarantee
    • Niche: Video Marketing


    ProfitShortz was created by Radu Hahaianu, Mike Mckay, and Calin Loan. These three creators saw the need for marketers and website owners to make videos that can attract millions of views and be monetized. 

    These creators designed this cloud-based software with marketers in mind to create videos for any niche. The creators work with a team of qualified support to ensure that the concerns of clients are addressed in good time.


    Wondering what a ProfitShortz review entails? Well, ProfitShortz is a video creation and cloud-based editing software. This software allows video content creators to create short videos for advertisement or to make sales. Basically, it is a powerful video marketing tool that can help you quickly generate traffic on YouTube shorts, TikTok, and Instagram Reels. 

    Its groundbreaking technology makes it possible to create short videos with just one click. It involves adding images, videos, and audio with just a few clicks of the mouse. 

    This video software is very easy to use and you don’t need any technical knowledge to benefit from it. Consequently, it is the only 3-in-1 video software that people with no technical experience can use to create short videos.

    Besides creating videos, you will also be able to edit and upload them directly to your ProfitShortz account in no time. Better yet, this software stands out for newbies since it offers the possibility to use other people’s videos to create traffic within minutes. This way, you won’t spend much time creating and editing the videos.

    Generally, any small business owner, website owner, content creator, social media marketer, and blogger will find ProfitShortz quite useful. It comes in handy to help you drive free targeted traffic whether you are using YouTube, Instagram, or any other website.


    A common question when looking at the ProfitShortz review is how it works. Creating short videos for your online marketing has never been this easy thanks to ProfitShortz. It involves very few steps and allows you to be done with just several clicks.

    Step 1: Make a Selection

    On the ProfitShortz platform, select the youtube videos that you want to use to create shorts. Just click import media and put the link of any youtube video you want to use.

    ProfitShortz Demo

    Step 2: Create Your Videos

    Depending on the option you have selected, the next step is to create your videos.

    There is a wide range of customization and editing options depending on what you want to achieve with your video. For instance, you can edit the length, add fonts, add subtitles and text, audio, add filters, and more. 

    Step 3: Publish

    Next, publish the video on Instagram Reel, YouTube Shorts, and Tiktok. This process is quick and takes several minutes to complete. 

    ProfitShortz Demo


    There is no denying that ProfitShortz is a great revolution in online marketing since it offers many benefits and features that give it a competitive edge. Read this ProfitShortz review for an overview of the features and benefits of ProfitShortz.

    ProfitShortz Features

    Commercial License

    There is a built-in commercial license that gives you the ability to sell the videos that you create. You can leverage this to reach out to your prospects and charge for your services. With this license, you can also provide custom video editing services.

    Integrated Platform SEO

    The platform SEO increases your chances of ranking high on search results when a customer searches for your keyword on Instagram, Tiktok, or Instagram.

    Thumbnail Creator

    If you want your video to stand out from the competition, you will be pleased to know that ProfitShortz includes a thumbnail creator. With the integrated thumbnail, you can create thumbnails for social networks like YouTube effortlessly.

    Done-For-You Affiliate Offers

    This feature is included and features a professionally designed done-for-you website. It pays $1000 for every sale made, making it a great opportunity to earn extra dollars. 

    X-Ray Video Analyzer

    Knowing which keywords help you rank better will put you ahead of your competitors. ProfitShortz comes with an X-Ray video analyzer that performs keyword research for videos that rank high in your category. You can then use this information to determine which keywords to include in your video to gain a competitive edge.

    Access to eBooks and Articles

    You will gain unrestricted access to over 1 million articles and over 10,000 eBooks. All these are available for different niches. 

    Algorithm Hacking

    You can simply increase your online visibility and get unlimited free traffic with this feature.

    Upload Other People’s Videos

    You don’t need to create or edit a short video to publish it on your platform. ProfitShortz allows you to use other people’s short videos. 

    AI Short Creator

    Creating a short video does not have to be stressful thanks to the unique integrated artificial intelligence short creator. You don’t have to pay a creator as this AI creator offers lots of editing options such as font, music selection, audio, and more. 


    If you are looking to reach a global and more diverse audience, you can use subtitles on your video. 

    Sticky Backlinks

    ProfitShortz lets you create hundreds of backlinks to any site in time. 

    User-Friendly Interface

    The interface is quite simple to use and newbies won’t have a hard time navigating the platform and creating videos.

    No Installation Required

    Since ProfitBook is cloud-based, there is no need for installation. Plus, it is highly compatible with most devices.

    24/7 White Glove Support

    This software has a qualified and friendly support team that is available 24/7 to answer your questions and ensure that everything is running smoothly on your end. This way, you won’t experience any downtime when creating and publishing your short videos.

    ProfitShortz Benefits

    1. Commercial License

    ProfitShortz is a commercial license software that has full integration. Besides creating videos for your website, you also get the license to sell to others to boost your sales. 

    2. Boosts Sales and Traffic

    ProfitShortz allows you to create high-quality videos to attract traffic to your site and increase your sales. It works for you and you can make money beyond your expectations.

    3. Superior Technology

    This software uses state-of-the-art technology that instantly creates videos that convert. This cutting-edge technology also creates videos that convert. You won’t have to pay as much as you would with conventional methods. 

    4. Includes Useful Tools

    To create quality videos, you need the right tools. ProfitShortz comes will all the tools necessary to make quality videos including tutorial templates, videos, and access to 24/7 support. This makes it a suitable choice for both novices and professionals. 

    5. No Monthly Fees

    With ProfitShortz, you don’t have to worry about paying monthly fees to enhance your video-creation experience. You just need to make a one-time payment to use it.


    Like any other product, ProfitShortz has its benefits and shortcomings as we will see in this ProfitShortz review.

    ProfitShortz Pros

    • Simple interface
    • Creates short videos with just one click
    • Creates quality videos that drive traffic
    • Offers 24/7 support
    • Built-in training
    • Includes thumbnail creator

    ProfitShortz Cons

    • Does not offer live chat


    Any internet marketer that wants to increase sales and make more money will greatly benefit from ProfitShortz. This includes:

    Social Media Marketers

    As a social media marketer, you need to create unique and quality video shorts that will put your content out there and make you stand out from your competition. In this case, you need a video-making software like ProfitShortz, that allows you to create videos for social networks like Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube.


    This video software is a good investment for bloggers who want to optimize their content. You can now create top-notch short videos that will drive more traffic and sales. 


    If you have an affiliate offer, publishing a short video using ProfitShortz can significantly boost your traffic. This is good for business and will earn you more money. 

    Content Creators

    Anyone looking to create content on the internet is a potential candidate for ProfitShortz. The best part is that it uses AI short creator so you can edit and customize your video to your liking.

    Generally, ProfitShortz is for anyone with a product, site, or Affiliate offer who wants to dominate on platforms like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. Also, beginners with zero knowledge can quickly access the platform and create short videos that will generate sales.

    It is also good if you are on a budget since you don’t have to hire internet marketers to create and edit your videos and upload them to the internet. This software program is affordable and easily manageable.


    ProfitShortz comes in different pricing offers and each package includes different services to choose from. Here is an overview ProfitShortz review pricing:

    1. Front End: ProfitShortz

    This package goes for $17. Some of the features included are:

    • Create 100% unique video content in just one click using AI-based tech.
    • Publish unique and readable content to your site or your client’s site.
    • Instantly publish and share short videos on TikTok, YouTube shorts, and Instagram Reels. 
    • Free vital traffic from different social media platforms to PDF directories.
    • Generate eBooks and InfoProducts for sale or giveaway.
    • Include graphics like images and videos to your Article, eBook, or PDF InfoProducts. 
    • Commercial License to sell your PDF InfoProducts and eBooks. The license also included offers article writing services on Fiverr.
    • Groundbreaking technology creates short videos for any niche.
    • Automatically create sticky backlinks to boost SEO and traffic for any website.
    • Compatibility with all computers and mobiles.
    • No installation is required.
    • 24/7 White Glove support.

    2. ProfitShortz PRO:

    This package sells for $37 and includes the following:

    • Unlimited use
    • Automated lead generation
    • ProfitBook Funnel Builder software
    • Text-to-Speech software
    • ProfitBook Email Autoresponder software
    • Mobile-first approach
    • In-depth training
    • Photoshop Killer in the cloud
    • Premium support

    3. ProfitShortZ DFY

    For $37, you get the following:

    • Comprehensive affiliate marketing training
    • Promote 5x quality Done-For-You products
    • 15x SEO-optimized DFY software product reviews

    4. ProfitShortz Reseller

    This is an upgrade package that goes for $197. Here is what it includes:

    • Members area
    • Sales videos
    • 7 figure Instagram messages
    • 7 figure email swipes
    • Marketing pages
    • Product tech and customer support

    5. ProfitShortz IMX

    The upgrade 4 package goes for $97.

    • Our software and training on email marketing system
    • Video marketing software- Video creation, distribution & monetization, protection
    • Free Whitelabel software that you can sell
    • Our most-recent bestsellers
    • Free one-on-one coaching sessions (Done with a 7-figure marketer)
    • Training on how to operate a care-free business (Outsourcing)


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    ProfitShortz is quickly growing in popularity on different social media platforms because of the benefits it offers. It is, therefore, not surprising that individuals who want to dominate the market and bring in more sales and traffic are turning to ProfitShortz.  

    We hope that this ProfitShortz review proves helpful to help you decide on an informed decision. Also, don’t forget to click on the ProfitShortz link on this page for special bonuses.