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VStores360 Review

Build 1-Click Stores & Create Virtual Tours For ANY Business And Exploit

VStores360 Review

Welcome to my VStores360 review page! I’m here to provide you with product reviews on digital products and services with complimentary high-quality bonuses. I tried this AI tool and included a comprehensive demo so you can see and decide if this is something your business needs.

During the pandemic, you’ve seen how businesses struggled to survive in managing their operations and sales. Business automation during the COVID-19 era has changed the game of how startups and large corporations manage their operations. Virtual product tours became prevalent. These marketing efforts helped businesses to get more sales even with limited manpower.

Leveraging the success of virtual tours, VStores360 aims to help businesses create virtual tours of their products and services to be posted on sales pages, site builders, blogging platforms, and e-commerce stores. It revolutionized the way doing sales is done, as interactive call-to-actions, live calls, and live chats are integrated into the simulated reality it creates.

More and more businesses are finding ways to maximize productivity and increase sales by utilizing AI tools. However, some businesses are doing it the wrong way. Don’t make the same mistake! Investing in the right tools is the key to yielding high returns and at the same time increasing your performance and productivity. Before investing in a product, make sure you understand how it works first. I hope this review will give you more insights to have an informed decision.

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    • Creator: Venkata Ramana
    • Product: VStores360
    • Launch Date: Thursday, September 15
    • Launch Time: 10:00 AM EST
    • Launch Ends: Friday, September 16 (11:59 PM EST)
    • Front-End Price: $17
    • Recommendation: Any business owner can find the tool worth the investment for all the awesome features it offers
    • Sales Page:
    • Bonus: High-Quality Bonuses
    • Guarantee: 30-day money-back guarantee with an additional $300


    Venkata Ramana is the genius behind VStores360. After doing some research, I found out that he is an established name in marketing and technology, being the managing partner in Warrior Outsourcing since 2004.

    Warrior Outsourcing is an Internet marketing outsourcing company that has created multiple digital products and services that helped a wide array of clients to achieve their business goals.

    A quick look at Venkata’s professional profile will let you know that his digital marketing and IT industry knowledge is impressive, given the number of LinkedIn endorsements he has from different industry professionals.


    Survey results show that during the pandemic, 90% of marketers claimed that virtual tours made a positive effect on making marketing efforts effective. VStores360 is a tool that aims to optimize your business workflow by increasing leads, building your online presence, and improving customer experience.

    It is an AI-powered software so it’s a breeze setting up and displaying your products online and at the same time letting customers get a feel of these products.

    The key feature of this powerful AI tool is to create interactive virtual tours that businesses can use to increase customer engagement and improve support systems. The virtual tour is accompanied by live calls and chats, and you can publish the tours on your websites, sales pages, and blogging platforms.

    With this feature, you can make customers’ experience easy and convenient as they explore the products and services featured in these simulated versions of reality.

    Unlike other digital apps or tools that only use FAQs and email support, there are tutorial videos and quick guides inside the platform. Anyone who has no experience in creating virtual tours is guaranteed to be equipped with the right resources.


    The VStores360 interface is easy to use. I added screenshots so you can see for yourself that navigating the platform is a no-brainer.

    Dashboard and Menu

    After logging in, you get a view of the dashboard that gives you a quick overview of your virtual tour stats. The sidebar on the left contains the menu tools that will help you create and launch your virtual tour in seconds.

    Let me walk you through the items on the menu you can see on the sidebar. From top to bottom, here are the 7 menu items you’ll find:

    1. Dashboard
    2. Statistics
    3. Virtual Tours
    4. Media
    5. Publish
    6. Collected Data
    7. Preview

    We’ll go over the functions of each menu item so you can see the step-by-step process of creating and customizing your virtual tour.

    Creating Your First Virtual Tour

    For beginners, you can simply click on the Start Tour Creation Wizard button to start making virtual tours in seconds. It’s not easy to miss, as the button stands out on the dashboard.

    Klix demo


    After choosing a stealth funnel, the next step is to turn on the integrated traffic solution. This will cause traffic to enter the stealth funnel, forcing your visitors to buy your high-ticket products.

    VStores360 Demo

    The button will prompt you to follow these steps in creating a virtual tour:

    1. Click on the VIRTUAL TOURS button
    2. Click on the menu item LIST TOURS
    3. Enter the name of the tour
    4. Click on the CREATE button

    That’s it, you’re set! By doing this I have proved the platform’s claim that you can create a virtual tour in seconds.

    Exploring the Virtual Tours Menu

    Before we dive into the other tools that will allow you to customize your tour, let me show you the sub-categories that appear under the VIRTUAL TOURS button.

    VStores360 Demo

    From top to bottom, here are the menu items listed under VIRTUAL TOURS.

    List Tours

    You can view all the virtual tours you created by clicking on this item. For each tour listed, you can see multiple icons on the right side to make editing quick and easy.

    Editor UI

    This section is where you can customize the interface of the rooms you created. For testing, I started with just one room and randomly uploaded a low-resolution office photo. The image was blurry because of its original resolution, but I was amazed at how it rendered into a 360-degree view. I was able to navigate the room by dragging the mouse.

    VStores360 Demo


    All the rooms you created for your tour are found here. In my case, I created just one room to see how it works first, and I ended up seeing just one room listed.

    VStores360 Demo


    This section allows you to add and edit markers so your customers can easily and conveniently go from one place to another.

    VStores360 Demo


    POIs are points of interest, which are helpful for customers to see each displayed item or product in detail. You have a wide number of options to choose from, as you can choose to add an icon or embedded objects such as images, video, text, slideshow, and HTML.

    VStores360 Demo


    There are two types of maps you can select. You can choose from FLOORPLAN or MAP. Once you select FLOORPLAN, you can simply upload an image. Choosing MAP makes the process more tedious as you must manually create a map by choosing a point in the global map the system will provide.

    VStores360 Demo


    Adding products is easy. You simply need to enter the product name, set the price, add a description, and upload one or more images. You can either set a cart or choose a link as an option for your customer to purchase.

    VStores360 Demo

    Info Box

    The info box appears once your customer hovers over an item or product in your tour. It’s easy to create, as there are already templates provided for easy customization.

    VStores360 Demo

    Now that I walked you through the different customization tools you can work on, it’s time to move to the other items on the sidebar menu. Having an idea of the functions of each menu item lets you grasp a better understanding of how the whole VStores360 system works.


    Under this section, you’ll see all assets available in the gallery. Libraries are even sorted according to the file types: icons, media, and music.

    VStores360 Demo


    I like that the tools for publishing are useful and that there are four categories to choose from, namely: TOUR, LANDING, CONNECT, and POST.

    VStores360 Demo


    Customize your virtual tour by making changes in password protection, expiry dates, meta tags, and social media and embedding links.


    I was amazed to discover that you can create a landing page for your website using this option.


    This feature enables you to connect your WordPress site.


    Once you have used the CONNECT feature and completed syncing your WordPress, posting content is already a breeze. Using this feature, you can create and publish content on your website without the need to log in to your WordPress account

    Collected Data

    In this section, you’ll see the responses to the forms you made as well as the contact information of the leads gathered by these forms.

    VStores360 Demo


    As its name suggests, this section allows you to easily view your virtual tours. This is particularly helpful especially when you have created multiple tours and rooms and you’d like to see how everything is put together.

    Creating the First Room

    Now that we have explored the key features of VStores360, it’s time to go back to the next step you should take after creating your tour. To ensure that your tours are organized, you can start with creating and labeling rooms.

    Click on the VIRTUAL TOURS and follow these points:

    VStores360 Demo
    1. Click on the menu item ROOMS under VIRTUAL TOURS.
    2. You’ll be taken to the dashboard, and you need to click the plus sign that appears.
    3. A pop-up with fields will appear. Enter the name of the room.
    4. You have the option to upload images or videos. I selected an image instead of a video, and I was prompted to upload a 360-degree panorama image. The maximum allowed file size is 2MB and the format accepted is JPG/PNG.
    5. Once the image (or video depending on your preference) is uploaded, click on the CREATE button.

    You will be prompted to create another room so you just have to follow the steps listed. If you wish to add details to the first room you created, let’s move to the next step.

    Editing a Room

    By now you already have a clear overview of the process, but let’s do more so you can see for yourself that the interface is simple to use. The settings in this section are already technical, but they are still easy to follow. Take note that in this section you need to save any changes you make by clicking on the SAVE button at the top of the page.

    VStores360 Demo

    On this page, you can see four tabs namely: SETTINGS, CONTENTS, PROTECT, and MULTIPLE ROOM VIEWS.

    On the SETTINGS tab, you can make the following customizations:

    • Edit name
    • Make room visible or not on your listings
    • Add logo
    • View room link
      • Open
      • Copy
      • Generate QR code
    • Edit transition settings
      • Effect
      • Duration
      • Zoom time
      • Zoom level
    • Edit image with the following categories:
      • View
      • Positions
      • North (this refers to the North position on the floorplan/map)
      • Effects

    When I created the first room, I purposely uploaded a 2D image to see what happens. I like that the system detected the error and showed a prompt that gives you options on what to do to fix it. The prompt appears just below the SETTINGS tab so you can see it as you scroll down the page and make additional customizations to the image uploaded.

    VStores360 Demo

    This is how the platform works in general. I already covered the basic steps, and we’ll need to stop from here as the other settings in the editing rooms are already technical. Don’t worry, the screenshots I added throughout this demo are easy to follow.

    To visualize things more clearly, during your first attempt at logging in you can opt to play the tutorial videos found on the dashboard. If you have any questions that would require the support team’s help, feel free to send an email to


    You’ve seen the multiple features and functions that this platform offers so here’s a closer look at the overall value this AI-powered tool can do for your business.

    VStores360 Features

    • Multiple settings to customize virtual tours and rooms
    • Integration of live calls and live chats inside the tours
    • Dashboard with a quick overview of customer engagement stats
    • Downloadable information on leads
    • Customize forms and fields
    • Enables linking of websites and embedding of links
    • Shareable links on social media platforms
    • Allows adding info interactive CTAs, boxes, maps, points of interest, and markers
    • Unlimited rooms and virtual tours
    • Organized media libraries

    VStores360 Benefits

    • Generate thousands of dollars continuously with a one-time setup
    • Sell interactive virtual stores and stores with just a few clicks
    • One-time investment with great sales potential
    • Helps any type and size of business to leverage metaverse
    • Allows businesses to engage more with their customers
    • Builds and solidifies businesses’ digital presence
    • Drives more sales at a reduced operating cost
    • Convenient management of multiple projects/stores
    • The platform is convenient and easy to use
    • No graphic design or web development skills are required


    It’s time to move on from the traditional ways you’re doing your marketing and here are the things you need to consider as you embrace digital tools that can help you scale your business.

    VStores360 Pros

    • Creation of virtual tours in less than 30 seconds
    • Allows customers to easily navigate the rooms
    • Interactive showcase of products and services with live calls and live chats
    • Works seamlessly with WordPress and enables social media sharing
    • Simple interface perfect even for beginners
    • Easy-to-follow tutorial videos

    VStores360 Cons

    • Might not work for someone who isn’t eager in following the steps in the whole process
    • Needs additional manpower to simultaneously engage in live calls and chats for multiple rooms


    Anyone can get plenty of potential sales by using this AI tool regardless of the industry that they are in. This platform is made to work for any niche. May you be a digital marketing professional, an Airbnb host, an e-commerce shop owner, a real estate agent, or a startup founder, you’ll find this platform highly useful to scale your business.


    For a limited time, VStores360 is priced at $17. Its founding team made this special offer possible to provide value for business owners who are quick in taking action. Once the limited-time offer is up, the price goes up so it’s best for you to take the opportunity in trying it out.

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    When you buy VStores360 from any link on this page, you’ll also get access to these amazing bonuses instantly after your purchase.

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    1. For Warriorplus, you will find a button called “Access Affiliate Bonus”
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    Many businesses are transitioning to the use of automation tools and it’s ideal for you to be not left behind. The metaverse changed the game in how businesses should connect to their customers. However, only a few take the risk of innovating their business workflow.

    Luckily for you, you are now oriented with an AI tool that may be the talk of the town after its launch. With a simple interface fit for newbies, multiple tools for customization, and leveraged digital marketing, you’ll never go wrong in taking your business to greater heights with VStores360.